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Prairie Dog - Rocky Mountains - Estes Park,  Colorado


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Tips for Observing & Photographing Prairie Dogs in the Wild

  • Always make slow movements when observing wildlife.
  • Most Prairie Dogs will flee if you approach closer than 10 or 15 feet of them. They will sound their alarm for all others to beware. Keep your posture low and approach slowly. Use of a telephoto lens can help you capture a memorable picture while causing the animals little or no stress.
  • Avoid using a flash when photographing wildlife. A camera flash can startle them as well as momentarily blind them from dangers in their area.
  • Avoid making loud noises. Any noise above a whisper will be noticed as a possible threat by wildlife.
  • Do Not Feed Wildlife. This is illegal in most states and is not healthy for the animals.
  • Use Caution when observing any wild rodents. Rodents often carry fleas and in many areas of the Southwest and Western, North America, those fleas can carry deadly or dangerous diseases.

Remember... being kind to wildlife has many mutual benefits... Enjoy the beauty which nature has provided for us to enjoy... While trying to make the least impact with your presence as possible... Your efforts will be rewarding...
Prairie Dog  - Rocky Mountains - Estes Park,  Colorado
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