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Reflections of the Rocky Mountains
Spingtime Snow Capped peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorad
Mountain Scenes Reflecting Nature's Beauty

These Mountain scenes have been taken in and around Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Scenes vary from elevations of 7,500 in and around Estes Park up to 12,500 feet atop Trail Ridge road.

Sunset on the Continental Divide on Trail Ridge Road at 12,500 feet elevation.


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Mountain photography can allow you to capture many breathtaking scenes. While photographing in the Rocky Mountains be aware of the extreme conditions which are always ever present.

  • Always dress appropriately in layers. Weather can change instantly in the Rockies. Afternoon showers are common in the Spring and Summer. A lightweight packable poncho can be a lifesaver.
  • High Altitude brings along its own special weather conditions. Along the Continental Divide, weather forms itself and can catch a person off guard quickly. Winds can gust over 100 mph at times. Harsh winter like conditions can become present within an instant at higher altitudes. Hail is often common on summer afternoons. Be prepared for these extremes when traveling throughout the peaks.
  • Be prepared to carry out any waste with you. Keeping our natural habitats clean is something we all must do. Respect what nature has given us and it will remain natural, for all of us to enjoy..
  • Carrying a variety of filters can help you achieve the look you are after. Higher altitudes means less oxygen. Steadying a camera can become difficult as a result. A lightweight tripod or monopod may be desired for many situations.
  • Avoid leaving your camera equipment in hot vehicles and/or in exposure to the extreme sunlight you will encounter in high altitude regions. Dust and weather covers are recommended.

Remember... being kind to nature & wildlife has many mutual benefits... Enjoy the beauty which nature has provided for us to enjoy... While photographing and exploring, try to make the least impact with your presence as possible...

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